Monday, October 1, 2012

Sunday Church Look: Modifying an Immodest Dress

What do you do if you LOVE a dress but it is immodest-either too low cut or too short? If only it was a little higher, longer or looser and it would be THE DRESS. Well this is what happened to me 6 years ago for my college graduation. I was on the hunt for a perfect dress and I found one at Dillards on clearance for $78. This was still a hefty price tag but it was by my one of my favorite brands BCBG and it was my college graduation! To me, totally worth the splurge (and pre-apartment days so I had more extra money).  This dress was designed to be very low as you can see by the scoop neck. 

My solution? Take the slip it came with and knot the straps so that it rose higher in front creating a high neck line. Now it was beautiful and modest plus it didn't seem modified at all. A finished look in about two minutes!

Shoes; Merona by Target (bought at Savers for $4.80)
Dress; BCBG ( 6years ago at Dillards $78)
Ear Rings Forever 21 (available now $3.80)

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