Stylish Baby Gear

Baby Bags or Purse? How about Both?

What all mom's know is that going anywhere with a baby can be a whole event. We need at a minimum: diapers, wipes, change of clothes, snacks (if old enough), sippy cups or bottles-sometimes both if your kids are close in age and then there is mom's stuff. 
Why can't baby bags be stylish and functional? I would pay big bucks for a stylish, durable, trendy baby bag (we still want a couple more kids after all). I have seen many mom's still use the large bags and I do this fairly often too but it is not the same as having all those pockets for baby gear: bottles, pacifiers, wipes, changing get the picture. Well, please give a warm welcome to:  PETUNIA PICKLEBOTTOM!! These little beauties come in sooooo many styles, are crafted from an extremely durable, and are an easily wipe-able material. And the best part for us fashion junkies? They come in TONS of color options and fabric patterns. Sigh. 

City Carry All


Touring Totes

Wistful Weekender 

Please note that I was not paid or perked in any way to review this product. I just love their stuff and wanted to pass on the word!

Why Does Our Fashion Change After Motherhood?

Going from single to motherhood encompasses a lot of transitions from sleepless nights to on-call 24/7 with diapers, feedings and cuddles. Another area of transition that is quite often overlooked is FASHION and BEAUTY. As a mom, our clothing habits tend to change drastically. Here are a few reasons why this is so:


Sky-high heels now not only kill your feet but could also end up hurting you and your baby. It can be very difficult to walk in these with a simple light clutch without adding a carseat carrier, large baby bag and a tiny fragile person!

Lengths and fabrics:

Midriff baring and cleavage bearing tops are always showing too much but especially if you are a mom! That said, we need LOOOONG shirts. Bending down to pick up the pacifier, bottle, toy, or sippy cup for the 100th time that day is not attractive with your backside exposed.


Spending an hour to get the perfect blow-dry and put together outfit is no longer possible. There are days we are lucky to be dressed at all-running on three hours of sleep, fighting a cold and chugging the caffeine.

Image Source

Low-rise pants:

These can be very tricky after motherhood. Again, even with long shirts these pants can serve as peep shows when grabbing whatever the little one threw, dropped, or hurled -AGAIN.  We need pants that are not granny but at least have a rise longer than three inches from the crotch.


Shoes, shoes, shoes-why can't designers realize moms LOVE shoes too! We loved them before the baby and we loved them after the baby but we need a few additions. Heels need to be stable and a sensible height; we need support for our aching feet (seriously why are some of the trendiest shoes out there like walking on a board!!) and we need them to stand up to some tough days of lugging baby and baby gear, playdates, groceries, soccer practice and PTA meetings. 

Skin Tight Pants:

 These can be a problem for modesty (see my legging post here) but are also a problem for the already mentioned-constant bending down. It is true the models don't have to walk down the runway and then pick up their keys and the contents of a spilled diaper bag. Nor do they need to scramble for the 30 cheerios junior just dropped all over Target but MOTHERS do. Why not make jeans flattering and that we don't have to fear will split on the next lego rescue from under the third row seat of the Van or SUV?


 Who has time for beauty when you're a mom? We need hairstyles that don't require an hour blow-dry everyday or a makeup routine that takes even longer to remove at night-remember we are now exhausted by this time. 

Accessories need to be durable. How many children just LOVE to pull that brand new necklace causing hundreds of little beads to fall everywhere. Dental floss would have held up better than the cheap string they use. Earrings too are a lure and why can't all earrings come with extra backs-two per earring can be more difficult for a crafty toddler to surprise mom.

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  1. LOVE these!!! I received one at my baby shower and it was my favorite bag - that I totally used for traveling by myself too :) I want to say that occassionally I've seen them discounted at Marshall's!