Saturday, December 29, 2012

Moved Blog to Wordpress

Hello to all my readers/followers!

I have moved to Wordpress because I have been unable to make changes to my blog's appearance. I was in the middle of a total overhaul and was unable to change anything but my header. I tried changing the whole theme, reverting, different themes and everything else. I contacted Google/Blogger and this is a known issue for many users. Unfortunately, they have not been able to identify anything at all as to why this is happening. While this only happened to me for a three weeks-some users have had this problem for several months.

Since my blog is fairly new, I decided to migrate to wordpress and import all my posts . I also have re-designed the site and will be adding more content and better content. I hope you will now follow me on wordpress and thanks for your suppor!!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pink Pants and Polka Dots

I wore this outfit to mass today. I love all the fun color pops this season especially when combining unusual colors like mint green shoes with pink pants. In order to prevent the look from becoming overdone (especially for Mass) I opted for a dark grey trench coat, black blouse and low-key jewelry. For my makeup I did a sheer nude lipstick, light shadow and black eye-liner.

Polka Dot Blouse:

  •  By Ann Taylor Loft 
  • Purchased at Savers for $3
  • Found similar here

Cropped Pants:

  •   The Gap; bought on clearance for $12 because extra 40% off in store
  • Same pair found here


  •  Croft and Barrow for Kohls; Originally $64.99 on sale for $29
  • Same pair found here


  • Purchased at Goodwill $4
  • Similar found here


  • Purchased at Goodwill $3
  •  Similar found here

Friday, December 21, 2012

Cozy with a Color Pop

Ever taken a bunch of photos only to discover the lighting was off and only TWO were barely salvageable....sorry this just happened to me.

Button-Up; Forever 21 $3.80
Sweater; Express (Savers $10 )
Skinny Corduroy's (Savers $8)
Bracelet; Goodwill $3.99
Boots; Kenneth Cole; Dillards (gift years ago)
Lipstick; Covergirl: Spellbound

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

8 Stylish Heels Under $40 and Under 4 inches

Shoes are a powerful accessory that can make or break an outfit. They can take plain jeans from daytime to night-time. Boots can cozy up a summer dress for winter or add a little glamour to a plain jane ensemble. There are so many options except for one thing: Heel height and price.

 The lower heels tend to be Designer like JCrew or Manolo Blanik's. The knockoff's at Target and Forever 21 are good-looking but have a higher heel height at 4 and 5 inches plus. While I can walk for a short time in 4 inch heels-I can't run a days' errands with two kids on four inch heels.

I set out on a hunt for comfy, stylish and low heels.. It was a lot of  hard work with a 3 hours mall trip and hours online but I found an unexpected great resource for inexpensive and stylish low heels:  JCP! I had not shopped there in YEARS because their merchandise had gone down hill lacking style and current trends.They have acquired a new CEO and he has been working hard to re-vamp the store in their sales approach and merchandise.

 WOW, did they have great things! Ton's of heels and great bags-all at very very affordable prices. So without further adieu,  I have recreated an Olioboard with some great heels for moms-on-the-go!

1. Pointy Toe Snake Skin: $28
2. Nude Shoe and Gold Cap Toe $28
3. Black Pump $35
4. Black Bootie $21
5. Gold Pump $35
6. Purple Pump $37
7. Black with Gold Cap Toe $28
8. Pink Cap Toe  $35 (I own these ones and LOVE THEM...seen here)

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cleaning Glamour

Yesterday was a cleaning, baking and laundry day. I knew that I was not going to leave the house at all  and yet I just didn't want to schlump it up in my sweats. When I am in my cozy sweats I tend to want to plop down and watch a movie or sneak a nap while both kids are down too. It got me thinking about style and function.

On days like these, I certainly cannot pick out a nice bright pencil skirt and heels with a silk top. It simply is not practical; not only would I risk ruining the ensemble-it will also slow me down. At the same time, I have also found myself more than once caught by unexpected guests in a "just came from the gym" look. On cleaning days I need a little jump start. When I used to work outside the home, I found that if I got ready that day and looked professional, I was automatically more productive and happier. I felt good on the inside because I knew that I looked my personal best on the outside. This is why as a rule, I get up earlier than the children to blow dry my hair out, do my make-up and pick an outfit complete with accessories.

But on a day like bathroom cleaning, I don't exactly want to wear my best clothes so here is what I do. I put on a nice pair of my older jeans. You know the ones that are broken in and maybe a whole or two, perhaps a paint stain. They are not ratty just not your best and cutest new skinnies. Then I pick a nice light long-sleeve tee or light weight sweater so I can push my sleeves up once I start working up a sweat. I comb my hair into a messy bun and usually do light make-up-a little concealer, dabs of foundation and clear or lightly colored lip gloss. I might pick some earrings and a short necklace. Then I get my comfiest flats or slipper shoes and wear those. I also put a "nice" pair of shoes by the door (in case I do get an unexpected guest or need to run a quick errand: ahh out of butter.) so I can quickly slip out of my slipper shoes and into my nice pair.

Let me be clear - the top I pick is NOT old or ratty. I would be proud to wear it in public and it can easily be dressed up to look polished. I would be upset if it were to get stained, bottom line-it is a nice top. Allow me to explain the final step of my at home cleaning glamour: add a fun apron. Yes, I said apron. When I start cleaning, I put on one of my aprons in order to protect my clothing. I still feel "ready" and with the quick slip off of an apron-I am "ready" to head out in a flash if need be. The best part is that a fun apron can add to the mindset of "going to work." Some people can't work at home because they feel like they are not going to work-somedays I feel that way about the things I have to do. This helps me combat that feeling (and resist couch plopping)and it also let's me not feel guilty when I take a break. I am slipping off the uniform and sitting down. It might sound silly but it really works for me!!

Sweater; The Gap (Savers $2.00)
Skinnies; Vintage American Classic by Ninewest (Savers $8)
Shoes; Forever 21 $27.80

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Purple Coat

I wore this ensemble for Mass today on the first "real-feeling" Winter day. We had a little bit of snow though it all melted quickly. I had been waiting to wear this coat all Fall long and now FINALLY it is cold enough.

I first saw Pink and Navy captoe shoes on The Pink Peonies here. Even though I thought Rachels shoes were gorgeous-I would never have thought they could be a "go-to" shoe. I try to buy shoes that I can wear with many outfits so that I can stretch the budget and my wardrobe. Rachel though showed me these are a "go-to" by rocking these shoes throughout the Summer and Fall with many different outfits in all color ranges. She is great at putting on colorful but classy outfits with lots of fun color.

However, we are on a "still graduate school-with two kids-budget" so I needed to find something a little more in my price range. After searching the web for the last two months for similar shoes-I found some that were pretty close and at a lower heel height all for $24 at JCP! The lower heel and light padding at the ball of the shoe allows me to wear these all day, sans kiddoes or with one on my hip.

As for the coat, it was a splurge for me 7 years ago while I was still in college and had received an internship that required very exceptional dressing. I figured I would get my wear out of it and it was quality. Even though I thrift all the time-sometimes it is worth to get the quality pieces because it feels SOOO good to have a coat for 7 years, have it still look new, and have it be as current and trendy as the day you bought it.

Dress; Merona for Target (Goodwill $7)
Shoes, JCP $24
Gloves; Target $16
Necklace; Goodwill $4
Bracelets; Orange accents Forever 21 and Chain circle $3 at Goodwill
Turtle Neck; unknown brand; $2 Savers
Coat; Antonio Melani; Dillards ($125 7 years ago)

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Baby It is Cold Outside!

I could not resist putting that line up because it is finally COLD here in New Mexico! However, let's be honest our highs have still been in the low 50's but it starts out in the 30s early on. And THAT means I need a coat. I have always wanted to live back East  and it makes my hubby laugh because I am such a baby when it comes to the cold. I am not the woman bare legged and trendy with high heels and a pencil skirt in December-nope I have to bundle up.So I thought I would show you how I stay warm and trendy on a casual-uh-oh we woke up late for our apt day.

I Love a great coat. Long coats are beautiful and I do have two but sometimes I want something a little less imposing and casual. I found this amazing wool coat at Savers for $10 and it was during their 50% off sale so I bought it for $5!! This wool coat is by The Gap and would easily have cost over $100. I also love that it has a hood for some functionality and visual interest. Not to mention, the zipper is another time saver. I love button coats but it is nice to have something quick as an alternative. You moms out there know that sometimes every minute counts because just as you are walking out the door someone has to go potty or needs a diaper change.

 This is my go-to hair style (once it is long enough-almost there). I call it "the messy bun."  It is not so glamorous now because my hair is still a little on the short side but it works. For you ladies with thick hair-this is your best friend. You simply do a loose pony-tail and on the second "pull-through" you twist and wrap the band only half way then you wrap it again on the final pull. Hmmm...I might need to do a video of this to really show you.

Here is a closer look. The  result is an elegantly coiffed  hair style in about 10 seconds.

Since I have fine and thin hair, my hair does NOT have the lovely volume on top unless I blow dry it out.  I almost always take out some hair on top for interest and volume. Today I parted off a two inch section and tied all the rest up then I combed and pinned the parted section off to the side. Now the hair does not look blah and flat.  Fun pins can add a touch of glamour for a time saving mommy do.

Cuffing these skinnies give the ensemble a more polished look. It also allows me to show the adorable little knitted back and sides of the shoe! 

I bought these necklaces from Forever 21. Believe it or not they are one necklace made to look like several. It definitely saves me time from having to select many necklaces and get the lengths/color right. This is yet another trick I find that it helps my busy mommy self stay on trend. I try to find versions of the sometimes time consuming trend-already done.

Coat; The Gap (Savers for $5)
Pants' Pilcro for Anthropologie (Savers for $8)
Shoes; Forever 21 for $32.80
Layered Necklaces; Forever 21 for $3.80
Cross-Body Bag; Forever 21 for $4

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sweater Over Dress

I am joining in again with the ladies at Fine Linen and Purple where we link up our Sunday Fashions for inspiration and eye candy ;)

You will be seeing me with my hair up a lot. I have been growing it out since last year when I cut it almost pixie style. NOW, it is neither short nor long but almost shoulder length. This is the point where I panic because I can't stand it and I chop it off! Again. Not pixie but usually in some sort of bob. It repeats every year.

As a busy mom of two with a hardly home hubs' in grad school and working-I need my hair to look good quickly. So I always try to find an amazing glamour cut. Okay the hubs' is laughing now because I say this a lot but allow me to explain. I try to find that hair-cut that looks amazing in and-of itself whether I had time to shower that day or it was a night of a double ear-infection in my sweet baby girl (has been the case this week). 

For you lucky ladies out there with thick hair, long and flowing locks-jealous am I ;) I have two problems with my hair or three maybe. It is baby fine, it is very thin and it is neither straight, nor curly when left naturally. If I leave it Au natural -it is limp and looks like I slept on it for days. Luckily, I have mastered two techniques to help my limp flat hair: blowing drying and helping the wave with diffuser drying. Both are pretty quick at about 15 mins for drying/straightening and 10 for diffusing.

 Long story, short-my hair is not in the glamour cut phase (not that you can't have it at this length-I just have to keep it up or I will chop it off. My own personal issues.) so I will be styling quick up-do's that look glamorous. Today's look: slick-backed side parted pony with a sparkly hair band (in back no-photo's-blast).

Slicking back a pony tail is super quick and since my hair is low-key I can take more time on make-up adding fiery red lipstick and eye-liner. I will do a post soon on my hair techniques to help explain all my madness. 

I already wore this dress here with a pink blazer but wanted a whole new look so I layered an old but favorite sweater of mine over. Viola! An entire new outfit for nothing. I get excited just thinking of the new possibilities with this dress....

Dress; Issac Mizrahi atTarget $7
Cardigan; Merona at Target Gift from sister in High-school (I saved this sweater because I hardly wore it but knew someday I would love it)
Bracelet; unknown; my friend Deme @ Fresh Coat of Paint and I exchanged some items we were tired of and got some great new old things :)
Necklace; gift from brother years ago
Shoes; Aldo Clearance for $27
Sunnies; Forever 21 $3.80