Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Date Night Out

Leggings are everywhere. They are comfy and for the last several years a very trendy item. I have wrestled with this trend for years because I thought in reality leggings were really a second pair of skin. There was nothing left to imagine with leggings. Every curve is defined and in full view.

Being the fashion lover that I am-I wanted to find a way to get in on this trend. My solution? Layer a dress over the leggings. This way I get to rock the leggings but am covered up. Leggings also offer a practical solution for the Fall/Winter when it is cold out. Layering the leggings looks cozy, finished and can be layered with anything from long shirt dresses, to skirts, and shorts. While it is true leggings can be worn with an over-sized sweater I personally do not that because I would never wear a skirt or dress just barely covering the behind. Remember leggings are really a second pair of skin so if the dress is super short then leggings are not much help.
That said, leggings can also  work as a modesty piece themselves. If a dress is slightly too short but otherwise adorable-layer a pair of leggings underneath and now you have extra coverage where needed. 
On a side note, we are seeing a lot of celebs/designers take the layering of leggings one step further and layer trousers under skirts and full dresses. This is a HUGE plus for modesty! I am still out on if I  like the look of pants (they must be skinny or tapered fitted trousers) under dresses but I may have to try it.  Would you layer pants under a dress?

Dress; BCBG (Savers for $7)
Leggings; Target (Goodwill for $2)
Shoes; Gianni Bini (5 years ago Dillards for $50)

PS Most of my exact clothes can't be bought now but I have linked to the stores where they are originally from. This way you can browse their current collections and see if they have anything you like. You can also look at these sites and then (like me) hit the thrift stores for look a-likes or the brands themselves. 


  1. I feel the same way about leggings. I think they need something covering your bottom area. You look great in this pretty dusty rose dress. Heather

  2. Thanks Heather, I love colors/items that are not too PINK but just hint at femininity.

  3. Love your outfit and love leggings under dresses. We have just come into spring here, so it is already to hot for leggings for me, but all through autumn and winter I rocked the leggings under dresses look. So easy, practical and comfortable!

    Thanks for linking up to Totally Pinworthy

    1. Very comfy and you can't beat the warm factor of leggings. I also love leg warmers over leggings with high boots just peaking out!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Rita! BCBG is really one of my favorite designers and you can't beat the bargain I got!!