Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Catholic Fashion Blogger from "It's Fun to Be a Girl"

Katie from "It's Fun to Be a Girl" has put a call out to Catholic women to join the modest blogging movement. Currently the popular fashion blogs are run mainly by Mormon women. She thought it was high time that we as Catholic women also show the world you can live for Christ while modeling modesty and High Fashion. It is possible to look polished, trendy and modest.

I had the idea to start my fashion blog and told my good friend Deme over at Fresh Coat of Paint about it. She loved it as she knows how much I enjoy fashion. She also told me about It's Fun to Be a Girl and Katie's call out. I too had thought secular fashion needed to be proved wrong. Secular fashion almost assumes immodesty as essential (well they don't see it as immodest) but I wanted to show that fashion can be done both modestly and on a budget.

When I decided to join the Catholic Fashion Blogger movement I knew this would be a good opportunity both for my blog and to be witness by displaying their button on my sidebar. Please head over to It's Fun To Be a Girl for some awesome Catholic inspiration for women.

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