About Andie

My first love in high school was fashion and it is a love affair that has lasted into my late twenties and two kids later. As a strong Catholic woman, it has not been an easy love affair. Sometimes it seemed my faith and hobby were very much opposed. Being the determined girl I am though-I knew there was a way to meld the two. I knew I could be a fashionable young Catholic and I knew that being fashionable did not mean being unfaithful.

I find myself yet again in another fashion battle. One decade, a hubby and two kids (ages 3 and1) later I find that many of the fashions are simply not "mommy friendly". Heels that are 5 inches high just don't cut it when you are trying to hold one baby on your hip and the others' hand and let's not forget carrying the groceries too! Beautiful silk shirts are lovely but not exactly the right fit for a person who can be hit with spit up or a blow-out at any minute. Flat sandals that feel like they are made of wood might look good but without arch support how can we run after our little ones all day?

Sometimes it seems that sweats and tennies are the answer to all these problems. I think as mom's we have all been there at one point or another. It is hard to find that balance of looking fashionable but still being able to function as "mom". Style with Andie is my place to show you all about Glamour-Mommy Style!

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