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The thing about being a mom and especially about being a stay at-home-mom is that there are days we don't need to leave the house or in the case of sick kids-we don't get to leave the house. There are many tasks in our week that are less than glamorous-like cleaning the bathroom for example or mopping up an accident your potty training child had.

It can be tempting to put on sweats day after day and night after night until it becomes routine and our neighbors start to wonder if we run a home-fitness yoga studio. Yet, there is something terribly impractical about wearing a silk shirt or a pencil skirt to clean the shower or even hunt for rogue toys under the couch.

It seems that looking great and being ready for the unexpected guest even on bathroom cleaning days are out of our reach. I used to feel this way but soon discovered with some quick tricks and little add-on's-I can have a little bit of glamour while tackling the bathtub or tending to two flu stricken little ones.  I also find that when I get up a little earlier to get ready or add a fun piece to wear just for me-I am actually more productive. Read on and you can learn how to add a little bit of mommy glamour to your day.
(I will do a series of posts on things/tricks/tips I do and then just keep adding the posts for reference here.)

8 Stylish Heels Under $40 and Under 4 Inches

Shoes are a powerful accessory that can make or break an outfit. They can take plain jeans from daytime to night-time. Boots can cozy up a summer dress for winter or add a little glamour to a plain jane ensemble. There are so many options except for one thing: Heel height and price.

 The lower heels tend to be Designer like JCrew or Manolo Blanik's. The knockoff's at Target and Forever 21 are good-looking but have a higher heel height at 4 and 5 inches plus. While I can walk for a short time in 4 inch heels-I can't run a days' errands with two kids on four inch heels.

I set out on a hunt for comfy, stylish and low heels.. It was a lot of  hard work with a 3 hours mall trip and hours online but I found an unexpected great resource for inexpensive and stylish low heels:  JCP! I had not shopped there in YEARS because their merchandise had gone down hill lacking style and current trends.They have acquired a new CEO and he has been working hard to re-vamp the store in their sales approach and merchandise.

 WOW, did they have great things! Ton's of heels and great bags-all at very very affordable prices. So without further adieu,  I have recreated an Olioboard with some great heels for moms-on-the-go!

1. Pointy Toe Snake Skin: $28
2. Nude Shoe and Gold Cap Toe $28
3. Black Pump $35
4. Black Bootie $21
5. Gold Pump $35
6. Purple Pump $37
7. Black with Gold Cap Toe $28
8. Pink Cap Toe  $35 (I own these ones and LOVE THEM...seen here)

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