Friday, December 14, 2012

Baby It is Cold Outside!

I could not resist putting that line up because it is finally COLD here in New Mexico! However, let's be honest our highs have still been in the low 50's but it starts out in the 30s early on. And THAT means I need a coat. I have always wanted to live back East  and it makes my hubby laugh because I am such a baby when it comes to the cold. I am not the woman bare legged and trendy with high heels and a pencil skirt in December-nope I have to bundle up.So I thought I would show you how I stay warm and trendy on a casual-uh-oh we woke up late for our apt day.

I Love a great coat. Long coats are beautiful and I do have two but sometimes I want something a little less imposing and casual. I found this amazing wool coat at Savers for $10 and it was during their 50% off sale so I bought it for $5!! This wool coat is by The Gap and would easily have cost over $100. I also love that it has a hood for some functionality and visual interest. Not to mention, the zipper is another time saver. I love button coats but it is nice to have something quick as an alternative. You moms out there know that sometimes every minute counts because just as you are walking out the door someone has to go potty or needs a diaper change.

 This is my go-to hair style (once it is long enough-almost there). I call it "the messy bun."  It is not so glamorous now because my hair is still a little on the short side but it works. For you ladies with thick hair-this is your best friend. You simply do a loose pony-tail and on the second "pull-through" you twist and wrap the band only half way then you wrap it again on the final pull. Hmmm...I might need to do a video of this to really show you.

Here is a closer look. The  result is an elegantly coiffed  hair style in about 10 seconds.

Since I have fine and thin hair, my hair does NOT have the lovely volume on top unless I blow dry it out.  I almost always take out some hair on top for interest and volume. Today I parted off a two inch section and tied all the rest up then I combed and pinned the parted section off to the side. Now the hair does not look blah and flat.  Fun pins can add a touch of glamour for a time saving mommy do.

Cuffing these skinnies give the ensemble a more polished look. It also allows me to show the adorable little knitted back and sides of the shoe! 

I bought these necklaces from Forever 21. Believe it or not they are one necklace made to look like several. It definitely saves me time from having to select many necklaces and get the lengths/color right. This is yet another trick I find that it helps my busy mommy self stay on trend. I try to find versions of the sometimes time consuming trend-already done.

Coat; The Gap (Savers for $5)
Pants' Pilcro for Anthropologie (Savers for $8)
Shoes; Forever 21 for $32.80
Layered Necklaces; Forever 21 for $3.80
Cross-Body Bag; Forever 21 for $4

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  1. That jacket is fantastic! I love the layered necklaces over it. Those booties are so cute and look great with the cuffed skinnies! Love the whole thing!