Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cleaning Glamour

Yesterday was a cleaning, baking and laundry day. I knew that I was not going to leave the house at all  and yet I just didn't want to schlump it up in my sweats. When I am in my cozy sweats I tend to want to plop down and watch a movie or sneak a nap while both kids are down too. It got me thinking about style and function.

On days like these, I certainly cannot pick out a nice bright pencil skirt and heels with a silk top. It simply is not practical; not only would I risk ruining the ensemble-it will also slow me down. At the same time, I have also found myself more than once caught by unexpected guests in a "just came from the gym" look. On cleaning days I need a little jump start. When I used to work outside the home, I found that if I got ready that day and looked professional, I was automatically more productive and happier. I felt good on the inside because I knew that I looked my personal best on the outside. This is why as a rule, I get up earlier than the children to blow dry my hair out, do my make-up and pick an outfit complete with accessories.

But on a day like bathroom cleaning, I don't exactly want to wear my best clothes so here is what I do. I put on a nice pair of my older jeans. You know the ones that are broken in and maybe a whole or two, perhaps a paint stain. They are not ratty just not your best and cutest new skinnies. Then I pick a nice light long-sleeve tee or light weight sweater so I can push my sleeves up once I start working up a sweat. I comb my hair into a messy bun and usually do light make-up-a little concealer, dabs of foundation and clear or lightly colored lip gloss. I might pick some earrings and a short necklace. Then I get my comfiest flats or slipper shoes and wear those. I also put a "nice" pair of shoes by the door (in case I do get an unexpected guest or need to run a quick errand: ahh out of butter.) so I can quickly slip out of my slipper shoes and into my nice pair.

Let me be clear - the top I pick is NOT old or ratty. I would be proud to wear it in public and it can easily be dressed up to look polished. I would be upset if it were to get stained, bottom line-it is a nice top. Allow me to explain the final step of my at home cleaning glamour: add a fun apron. Yes, I said apron. When I start cleaning, I put on one of my aprons in order to protect my clothing. I still feel "ready" and with the quick slip off of an apron-I am "ready" to head out in a flash if need be. The best part is that a fun apron can add to the mindset of "going to work." Some people can't work at home because they feel like they are not going to work-somedays I feel that way about the things I have to do. This helps me combat that feeling (and resist couch plopping)and it also let's me not feel guilty when I take a break. I am slipping off the uniform and sitting down. It might sound silly but it really works for me!!

Sweater; The Gap (Savers $2.00)
Skinnies; Vintage American Classic by Ninewest (Savers $8)
Shoes; Forever 21 $27.80

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