Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Corduroy Skinnies

I want to extend a special welcome to Fresh Coat of Paint readers! I am being featured in Deme's reader space and I am so excited! I hope you stay awhile and look around...please head to my looks gallery for a snapshot of all my looks to date.

I love this shirt but it was a really thin material so I needed an under-shirt. I learned a trick long ago working at a Dept Store and it this: Don't wear white under the shirt because white will show through. You need to match your skin tone so go nude colored. If you are African American then wear a black bra under a white shirt. It sounds crazy but wearing nude works! You can't see that I have a shirt under blocking the see-through aspect but I do!

Corduroy Skinnies; Ann Taylor Loft (Savers $8)
Blouse; Merona by Target (Savers $5)
Nude Spaghetti Strap; Forever 21 (Forever 21 $3)
Ballet Flats; Gianni Bini; (Dillards $20) PS these were my wedding shoes!

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  1. Totally excited to be sharing you on the blog today! And love those cords ;)

  2. wow lovely style, i really like your sweet smile

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