Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wardrobe Building

All too often women spend lots of money on trendy items and yet still feel like they have nothing to wear. Trends can fluctuate from loud and noticeable to different ways of wearing a button down shirt. Frequently though, they are specific in color, fabric, or cut. Indulging in just the trends can result in a wardrobe with "nothing to wear" because each piece is memorable and may go with one other thing only.

Florals are trendy but you won't be able to wear these as often as a basic blue pair of jeans.

This is where having a few key pieces (what I like to call basics) comes in handy. In my single days, I always stocked more trend items than basics. Now that I am on a tighter budget my main wardrobe consists of neutrals, blacks and whites.  Each Fall and Spring, I scout the trends and decide which one (or few) I like the best, is the most versatile and is likely to be in style the longest, then I shop accordingly.

Blazers are here to stay and can be worn super casual or a littler dressy.

Whether starting a wardrobe from scratch or doing a complete overhaul-it is best to decide a few things.

  1. Where will you wear the majority of your clothes? Professional office? At home with your toddlers? College campus? Whatever the setting-this should make up the majority of your wardrobe. I owned very few casual clothes when I worked in a professional setting because 5 days of the week and Church on Sunday required dress clothes.  
  2. What is your budget? Be honest with yourself and plan to stick to it. As a rule, I don't use credit cards. If I absolutely "need" or "want" something then I will shop around until I find it at a price that fits my budget. 
  3. What is your style? My style changed from high school to college and then post college again. In high school, I dressed more preppy. In college, I dressed more casual and sporty. Then post college my style morphed again and I started to dress up more along the lines of high fashion.
Once you have the answers to these questions you can start building your wardrobe. Whenever I start the process of a major overhaul or organizing session I look to others' closets for inspiration. So here are a few dream closets to get those creative juices flowing!

This simple stand alone closet is perfect for those who rent-no wholes in the wall!

This is another great example of turning a long and seeming useless shallow closet into a perfect haven for organization.

This is on the larger side too but not massive. It really uses all the vertical space to its advantage!

This is a dream closet! It has a perfect combination of closed and open storage not to mention the drool worthy shoe collection! 

Of course, even small closets can be super organized and functional. 

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